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Patio and Fire Pit Overlooking the Maumee River

This beautiful view of the Maumee River is a perfect backdrop for this small patio and fire pit installed by Acu-Turf Toledo. A fire pit, or fire feature is an excellent addition to any landscape setting. It can serve as an entertaining focal point to your outdoor space, it can create a desirable ambience, and it provides the surrounding landscape with light.

Residence in Maumee

This residential project in Maumee involved a complete renovation on an existing landscape. Acu-Turf Toledo worked directly with the homeowner in all of the project stages from the initial conceptual ideas, to the actual design, installation, and all of the way through to the finished product.

Residence in Waterville

Time and time again, our clients are raving to us about the tremendous improvements to their properties after we install sod. Just look at the results!

Residence in Perrysburg

This was a new-build residential project in which Acu-Turf was involved with the design and installation of both the landscape and irrigation. The homeowner wanted to keep the landscape extremely simple with spots of various color throughout all 4 seasons.

Residence in Toledo

Here are some pictures from a sod installation that we completed this Spring. Check out how sod can really change the appearance of a property in just one day!


Core aeration is removal of cores of soil from existing lawns. Aerating a lawn is similar to cultivating a garden or flower bed. Cores of soil, approximately 5/8 inch in diameter and 2 to 4 inches longs, are pulled from the soil by a core aeration machine. The cores are allowed to remain on top of the lawn. The soil disintegrates, topdressing the lawn with soil. Benefits of core aeration are:

1. Removal of soil cores increases penetration of water, air, and nutrients into the soil.

2. Loosening the soil encourages root growth.

3. Soil fungi and bacteria are released when the soil disintegrates. These organisms help degrade thatch.

4. Over seeding can follow core aeration if there is a need to seed an existing lawn. Core aeration will not solve extremely severe thatch buildup. However, aeration is an annual maintenance practice which will help maintain the overall health and vigor of the lawn

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